Rena 8 oz Green Hand Cleanser

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You can be relentless on dirt and germs, yet soft and friendly on your hands with the Rena 8 oz Green Hand Cleanser. This clean and green hand cleanser is made with bacteria-fighting essential oils not harsh ingredients or chemical agents.
Rena was founded on the belief that you should be able to clean your home without compromising the health of your family. Nature provides all the wholesome cleaning power we need: safe and sustainable plant-based ingredients that protect the health of your family and preserve the health of our planet. Our crisp and refreshing scents leave your clothes and counters smelling naturally fresh, not overpowered by toxic chemicals. We work hard to create nature-based products that make cleaning easy. It really is that simple.

Features of the Rena 8 oz Green Hand Cleanser include:

  • 8 oz Green Hand Cleanser
  • Spray on formula with tidy pump top
  • Bacteria-fighting essential oils
  • No harsh ingredients or chemical agents
  • Vegan

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