Republic of Tea Burnout Blocker Tea

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Enhance your energy daily with Chaga and Cordyceps mushrooms. Republic of Tea Burnout Blocker Tea is blended with aromatic cinnamon, sweet dates and zesty ginger, this light and tasty blend is energizing served hot or iced. Known as the “King Healer” of medicinal mushrooms, Chaga was used as a coffee replacement for its energy benefits during the world wars. Cordyceps are often used by athletes to improve their performance and help fight fatigue. Enhance your energy daily with these majestic mushrooms married with sweet cinnamon, ginger and dates. This Certified Organic herbal blend is naturally caffeine free. Air tight tin includes 36 tea bags.

Ingredients: Organic cinnamon (bark), Organic ginger (root), Organic dates, Organic cordyceps extract (fungus), Organic chaga extract (fungus), natural cinnamon flavor

Features of the Republic of Tea Burnout Blocker Tea include:

  • Herbal blend is naturally caffeine free
  • Certified Organic
  • An energizing blend that can be enjoyed hot or cold
  • 36 natural, unbleached tea bags
  • Certified gluten-free, Sugar-free and Carb-free
  • Certified Kosher
  • Air-tight Republic of Tea canister
  • 2.5" l x 2.5" w x 5.5" h

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