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The Crown chronicles the life of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, and The Republic of Tea celebrates the popular Netflix series with a line of premium teas. The Queen's Afternoon Tea is a created with a blend of premium, rubust black teas softened by a touch of honey, blackberry and vanilla. This tea is bold but balanced and refined; the perfect cup for the morning or to recharge come mid-afternoon. It is also gluten-, carbohydrate- and sugar-free. The resealable tin contains 36 tea bags and features a special The Crown label: Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II.

Ingredients: Premium black tea, sweet blackberry leaves and natural honey and vanilla flavors

Features of the Republic of Tea The Crown: The Queen's Afternoon Tea include:

  • Bold black tea softened with honey, black berry and vanilla
  • Ideal for a morning or afternoon
  • 36 tea bags in resealable canister
  • Certified gluten free, sugar free, carbohydrate free
  • Custom canister with special The Crown label

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