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Riedel Set of 2 Vinum Tequila Glasses

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Riedel Crystal is known for designing the most finely tuned glassware for every level of wine and spirits sophistication. The Riedel Vinum Tequila Glass was designed to highlight the finest aspects of Mexico's national drink and is designated the Official Tequila Glass by the Consejo Regulador Del Tequila. The shape and the size of the bowl deliver the finest and most delicate aromas, originating from the combination of the Blue Agave and the oak cask in which Tequila is aged. This reduces the evidence of pungent alcohol fumes. The delivery from the glass to the palate makes the beverage taste round, supple and sweet. The glass has a tall stem, meant to lift fine tequila to the level it deserves and to accord it the proper appreciation and respect that good tequila is worthy of earning. The graceful, slender glass is 8.25" tall, with a capacity of 6.75 ounces. The glass was designed during two tasting workshops led by Georg Riedel and attended by over two dozen Tequila producers, officials and cognoscenti. At the second workshop Riedel presented 13 glasses. After 12 glasses were eliminated, Georg Riedel presented the winning glassware to the Tequila producers in December of 2001 at the Quinta Real Hotel, where the glass was christened. Machine-made lead crystal. Each set contains 2 glasses.

WARNING for California residents