Squish Sink Strainer/Stopper

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The Squish Sink Strainer/Stopper is a simple and effective combo that works well. The two piece design is BPA-free, flexible and highly durable. The rubberized strainer basket and overlaying stopper make a reliable seal to the sink surface. We also like that the stopper top suctions to the sink wall to keep it close by (but not in the way) when you don't need it. The Squish Sink Strainer/Stopper measures 4.75" l x 4.75" w x 1.5" h and will fit most standard sink drains. BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Features of the Squish Sink Strainer/Stopper include:

  • Simple 2 piece design fits standard sink drains
  • Flexible material seals well to sink surfaces
  • Rubberized strainer effectively traps food and debris
  • Light gray stopper top lays directly over the strainer basket
  • Stopper suctions to sink wall when not in use
  • 4.75" l x 4.75" w x 1.5" h

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