Breakfast For Dinner

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In Breakfast for Dinner: Morning Meals get a Decadent Makeover in This Inspiring Collection of Rule-breaking Recipes, food writer Carol Hilker makes typical morning meals such as eggs, pancakes, waffles and hot sandwiches an any time snack that is delicious day or night. In 7 chapters, Hilker explores the many ways to reinvent breakfast. Classic morning fare goes a bit wild with the Shio Ramen with Pork and Eggs or Oyster Rockefeller Hash. Recipes for Heuvos Rancheros Waffles and the Maple Cured Bacon and Tomato Sandwich make sweet and savory get mixed up in the most delicious way. There's also yummy breakfast desserts including the Cherry and Ricotta Blintzes with Sour Cherry Soup, Butterscoth-Bacon Brittle Cinnamon Rolls and Carrot Cake Scones. Cocktails are fine for breakfast at dinnertime. This book includes the briny Pickle-Back Martini, the Espresso Martini, or for those just craving an evening cup of java, sweet Blueberry Coffee. With more than 70 inspired and beautifully photographed recipes covering entrees to drinks, Breakfast for Dinner is the delicious way to make a breakfast treat any time of day.Breakfast for Dinner By Carol Hilker. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Hardcover. 160 pages.

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