Set of 3 Cookware Pan Protectors

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No more scratches and a lot less noise! The Set of 3 Cookware Pan Protectors are made from heavy felt and cut in a shape that will conform to any pan. Just place a pan protector in between nested pans to prevent scratches on your non-stick, stainless, aluminum or copper cookware. The felt padding will also eliminate the clamor caused by stacking pans. Each set comes with 3 protectors sized: 16" diameter; 13.5" diameter; 10.5" diameter;. The protectors will also work for service trays and platters.

Features of the Set of 3 Cookware Pan Protectors include:

  • Heavy Felt Construction
  • 3 protectors included
  • Sized: 16" dia; 13.5" dia; 10.5" dia;
  • Shape conforms to any pan
  • Prevents scratches from stacking cookware
  • Eliminates clamor when stacking or moving cookware
  • Grey color with sketched cookware design

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