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Shibori Stamped Bowls are fantastic service pieces that add detail and interest to casual table setting. The contrasting indigo blue and white brushstroke pattern is eye-catching and energetic, and the classic footed base gives just enough lift to promote a sense of space on the table. Each bowl is adorned with a metallic gold rim. Most importantly, the Shibori Stamped Bowl design has a knack for complementing other tableware, and makes a great mix and match piece. The Shibori is available in 3 sizes. The 8" diameter serving bowl has a 50 oz capacity. The 6" diameter bowl has a 22 oz capacity that is ideal for serving sides or big helpings of stew, salad or cereal. Finally, the 4" diameter bowl will hold 9 oz, and is great for serving sauces, condiments, portions of soup or rice dishes, and makes a great ice cream bowl. All pieces are fully glazed, Chinese porcelain.

Features of the Shibori Stamped Bowl include:

  • Asian-inspired porcelain bowl with metallic gold rims
  • Available in 3 sizes for serving or individual portions
  • Attractive, interesting design that compliments other tableware pieces
  • Footed base and deep-sided bowl add lift to your presentations
  • Hand wash only

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