Shun Limited Edition 8" Ayu Kiritsuke Knife

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The fast-flowing rivers of Japan hold a natural treasure that's as vital to its cultural identity as the cherry blossom. The brilliant Ayu, or "sweetfish", is a Summertime delicacy with a telltale scale pattern that shines like silver.

The Shun 8" Ayu Kiritsuke is the knifemaker's most ambitious and exclusive expression of the Dual Core series to date. No more than 100 will ever be produced. Shun has allocated No.18 to Kitchen Kapers.

The reason so few will be made is because the Ayu is a near-custom knife. This unique and hand-made design is lavished with such attention and skill, that it would not be profitable for Shun to produce more. The Ayu Kiritsuke is a passion project, made by a complex, 160-step manufacturing process. This innovative design employs layered and roll-forged Damascus construction to create 71 micro-layers of the most premium stainless steels, as well as Composite Blade Technology that places high-performance SKD11 steel to the high impact areas at the tip and heel for enduring performance. And the first-of-its-kind Ayu scale blade pattern is truly a triumph of precision and craftsmanship. The 16° dual-bevel edge is applied by hand as is all polishing and finishing.
The handle is hand-cast from ultra-high-durometer urethane that is light, but extremely hard and abrasion resistant. It is treated with an equally durable satin finish and adorned with carbon fiber inlays. The impression is understated, but premium, and it supports the dazzling blade with balance and style. And don't forget that this is a supremely functional culinary tool. Which is why the Shun Ayu was awarded the Blade Award Kitchen Knife of the Year. 

The Shun 8" Ayu Kiritsuke is hand made in Japan. It ships with a specially made bamboo box for presentation or storage. Upon registration, the owner will also recieve a custom open display stand by mail. Hand wash only. Includes Shun's lifetime warranty.

Kitchen Kapers has 1 Shun Ayu at this time. To order, you must call (800) 455-5567 for assistance.

Features of the Shun 8" Ayu Kiritsuke include:

  • No more than 100 Ayu knives will ever be produced- this is No. 18
  • 2017 Blade Awards Kitchen Knife of the Year®
  • Dual Core Damascus blade with a custom look
  • Complex, near-custom handcrafting with over 160 individual steps
  • Unique Japanese Ayu (Sweetfish) "scale" pattern
  • 71 alternating micro layers of 2 high carbon stainless steels are layered and roll-forged, then precisely manipulated to create the fish-scale pattern
  • Composite Blade Technology adds high-performance SKD11 steel to the tip and the heel
  • Ultra-sharp 16° beveled edge is hand sharpened and hand finished
  • Hand-cast handle made from ultra-high-durometer urethane with a satin finish and carbon fiber overlay
  • Impeccable balance and durability
  • An effortless performer and stunning showpiece
  • Includes exclusive bamboo presentation and storage box
  • With registration, owner will also recieve a custom display stand by mail
  • Hand wash only
  • Made in Japan
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty

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