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The toss & chop is an innovative, hand operated cutlery device that is specially designed to cut and process food in a bowl, making food preparation faster, simpler and neater. By using the toss & chop you will be able to quickly chop vegetables and a wide variety of other foods directly in a bowl.

The toss and chop will enable you to make fresh healthy meals for you and your family with greater convenience and minimal clean-up.

The toss & chop is made of high performance, super strong DuPont Zytel® nylon resin with an ergonomic soft grip Santoprene® rubber handle for extra comfort and control. The blades are made from high quality, heat treated stainless steel with micro-serrations that will never require sharpening.

To use, rotate and tilt your bowl to get access to the different parts of what is being chopped. For best results, start chopping the larger items first and then work towards the other contents in the bowl. For storage, keep the toss&chop in a closed and locked position when not with the bright red safety lock button on the top of the toss&chop.

To clean the toss and chop, use mild soap and run under warm water. Towel dry. Blade may rust if allowed to remain wet. Always clean after use. Use a non-abrasive paste metal polish to remove rust or pitting. Proper care is essential to prevent corrosion of fine cutlery. Always make sure it is comopletely dry before locking and storing.

Fast Easy Ideas:
  • Sandwich Fillings - Use the Toss & Chop to make chicken, egg or tuna salad. Put the celery, mayonnaise and other ingredients right in the bowl together and start chopping.
  • Omelets, Fritatas, or Quiche - The Toss & Chop works great on omelet fillings. Toss & Chop the onions, mushrooms, etc? right in the pan before cooking.
  • Chunky Salsa - Instead of a food processor, use your Toss & Chop to chop the ingredients of your favorite salsa.
  • Chopped Salads - Use your Toss & Chop to turn any salad into a delicious chopped salad. One favorite is a chopped chef salad with bacon, mushrooms, eggs and chunky blue cheese.
  • Pasta - Use the Toss & Chop to chop tomatoes, onions and fresh basil right in the sauté pan before cooking. Add cooked pasta to create a healthy, fast family meal.
  • Vegetables - The Toss & Chop works well on onions, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms and other ingredients for delicious soups and stews. Make your favorite holiday stuffing in one bowl.
  • Fruit - Toss & Chop apples, pineapple and melon. Add raisins and shredded coconut for a healthy child friendly fruit salad. Also great for homemade applesauce.

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