Sowden SoftBrew Coffee Maker 8 Cup

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Brewing a great cup of coffee doesn't need to be complicated. The Sowden Softbrew makes coffee easily and efficiently. With its simplified brew process, the Sowden Softbrew has revolutionized home coffee making. To brew a pot of coffee, put the filter in the porcelain pot, add coffee to the filter and pour hot water over the grounds. Let it sit for your preferred amount of time to brew, and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee. It's that simple. Say goodbye to overly-filtered, pressed coffee. Enjoy coffee the precise way you like it, brewed at your optimal temperature and within the perfect amount of time, and discover the true, full, rich flavor of your favorite coffee.

The Sowden Softbrew features a porcelain jug and a stainless steel micro filter that has approximately 500,000 microscopic holes in it. This unique filter is made using high tech photo-etching technology that creates miniscule holes so that your coffee brews naturally, and so you don't end up with a cup full of grounds.

Brewing coffee with the Sowden gives you the most control over the temperature and flavor of each cup of coffee you brew. You can even cold brew with the Sowden Softbrew! Plus, you don't have to use paper filters with the Softbrew, so there's nothing to discard but the used coffee grounds. This is no fuss coffeemaking at its best!

The Sowden 8 Cup Softbrew Coffeemaker allows you to make eight cups of coffee at a time, the easy way. Jug measures 7" x 4.4" x 7.8" and holds a maximum of 44 ounces.

Features of the Sowden SoftBrew Coffee Maker 8 Cup include:
    • Porcelain Jug
    • Easy to remove Stainless Steel Micro Filter
    • Ergonomic Hollow Handle that doesn't get hot
    • Slow-pouring Spout
    • Dishwasher Safe

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