Stuff Every Cheese Lover Should Know

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Stuff Every Cheese Lover Should Know by Alexandra Jones is your pocket-sized guide to all things cheese! A great resource for every home and the perfect gift for artisan cheese lovers, home cheesemakers, and anyone who appreciates a good wedge of cheddar. This book shows how there is so much more to learn- and enjoy- beyond the plastic-wrapped blocks from the grocery store. Within, you’ll find information, how-tos, and trivia for cheese lovers of all levels. Includes helpful facts about:
• How Cheese Is Made
• Why Some Cheeses Melt Differently
• How to Build a Festive Cheese Board for Entertaining
• Pairing Cheese with Wine and Beer
• How to Make Cheese at Home
Plus an illustrated guide to cheese gadgets, terms every cheese lover should know, how to host a cheese tasting, how to make the ultimate grilled cheese, and much more!
Stuff Every Cheese Lover Should Know by Alexandra Jones. Published by Random House. Hardcover. 144 pages.

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