Susquehanna Glass Set of 4 Highball Glasses 3 Letter Block

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To personalize this Set of 4 Highball Glasses, enter your monogram initials of choice into the Monogram Letters field, then click Add to Cart. Susquehanna Glass products are monogrammed to order, with an average lead time of about one week. Susquehanna Glass orders ship directly from their warehouse in Columbia, Pennsylvania. Standard shipping times apply.

*Please be sure to enter your Monogram letters as you wish them to appear. Monograms typically read with the first name initial on the left, the last name initial in a larger size in the middle and the middle name initial on the right. For example, if you're purchasing glassware for John Quincy Adams, you would want the monogram to appear as JAQ. If you're purchasing glassware for a couple such as John and Louisa Adams, then the monogram would read LAJ, as the lady's initial is typically on the left, the last name initial is in the center and the gentleman's is to the right.
  • Font style: Block
  • Monogram Letters: 3

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