Symmetry Towel Bali Blue

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A kitchen towel is a versatile kitchen necessity that cooks use for way more than just drying dishes and decorating the oven door. Every cook should have a couple really good ones. The Symmetry Towel is a substantial, long-wearing and thick towel woven from 100% pure cotton. Use it protect your hands and the counter from hot cookware, steady a mixing bowl, or cover dough for the final rise. Of course it's plenty absorbent for stopping spills, mopping up messes and drinking in the drips from a rack full of dishes. And after a hard days work, you can simply hang it to dry, or toss it in the washing machine and it's ready for another day of cooking. The Symmetry Towel measures a standard 28" l x 18" w and features a pleasing symmetrical broad stripe design in a selection of vibrant colors.

Features of the Symmetry Towel Bali Blue include:
  • Heavy duty drying towel
  • Thick-woven from 100% cotton
  • Broad, symmetrical stripe design in vibrant Bali Blue
  • Machine washable
  • 28" l x 18" w

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