Tagine Cookbook

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by Ghillie Basan

Photography by Martin Brigdale

"Few meals are more satisfying than a hearty tagine ? the rich, fragrant Moroccan stew that is served from its own elegant cooking vessel, also called a tagine. Meat, poultry, fish or vegetables are simmered gently in the steam of the pot's conical lid, and the food, deliciously flavoured with spices and fruit, remains tender and moist.

"In this collection of aromatic tagines you will find some of the best-loved classics of the Moroccan kitchen, such as the sumptuous Lamb Tagine with Prunes, Apricots and Almonds, and the tangy Chicken Tagine with Green Olives and Lemon. Also included are less traditional but equally delectable recipes for beef and meatball tagines. If you enjoy a succulent fish dish, you can try Monkfish Tagine with Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes and Olives, or Red Mullet with Lemon and Mint. For vegetarians there is a varied choice, from a sweet, syrupy tagine of Yams, Carrots and Prunes to a summery dish of Artichoke Hearts with Peas and Saffron."

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