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Tea Bag Buddy

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Tea drinkers rejoice! Your favorite beverage just got a little easier to make, thanks to the Tea Bag Buddy by Primula. This neat silicone device is designed to hold your tea bag as your tea brews, and cover your mug at the same time, so your tea stays hot and brews perfectly. All you need to do is thread the string of your tea bag through the slit in the Tea Bag Buddy and up over the separation in the lid. Place the Tea Bag Buddy over your cup and brew. Once the tea has reached your preferred strength, pull the string of your tea bag up and holding the Tea Bag Buddy, grasp the bag and squeeze. The Tea Bag Buddy is made out of silicone, so you don't need to worry about the hot tea bag burning your fingers. Once you've finished with the tea bag, use the Tea Bag Buddy as a tray for it. Measures 4.13" l x 4.13" w x 1.57" h.

See the Tea Bag Buddy in action: