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Technivorm Moccamaster Glass Carafe Coffeemaker KBG 741

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Brew a perfect pot of coffee every time with the Technivorm Moccamaster Glass Carafe Coffeemaker. A 9-hole spray head wets the coffee grounds evenly with water heated to the perfect temperature for a fuller, smoother flavor. A pot of coffee is brewed in only 5 minutes! And the enameled hotplate keeps the coffee warm without scorching. Start your day with a cup of the best coffee you?ve ever made!

Each machine hand made and invidividually tested in a live situation at the Amerongen factory in the Netherlands, so the machine may be wet when received. Certified through the SCA Home Brewer Program.

Read the transcript for our Technivorm Moccamaster KBG-741 Glass Carafe Coffeemaker video below:

I?m Pete with Kitchen Kapers and we?re talking about the Technivorm Club Line Moccamaster KBG-741. This is the Moccamaster model that has the glass carafe. I?m just going to go over the parts, put it together, and show you how to use it real quickly.

The first thing you are going to do to put it together, is you want to take your brew basket here. This just takes standard #4 cone coffee filters. This machine does ship with two or three of them to get you started and this just slides into place.

You?ve got your showerhead here. What you will see about the showerhead is it has this unique pattern to it. This is one of the reasons that this makes some of the best coffee we?ve tasted. One of the other reasons it does that is it brews at the right temperature, nice and hot?the perfect temperature for brewing.

We just put this on there, the showerhead. If we were going to really brew, we would fill this up with water. You?ll see all this has a plastic storage container here. This is the only part that the water comes in contact with that?s plastic. That?s when it?s still cold. Everything else, once the water gets heated up, is copper and glass. So you don?t have to worry about it coming in contact with plastic.

So once we stick our showerhead on there, you can take the lid for your brew basket, it goes on there. You?ve got your lid for your water container. And then you?ve got your carafe that goes on your warming plate.

So you?ve got two buttons on the front here. The one here selects the temperature of your warming plate. To brew, you definitely want it on the hottest setting, which is kind of this full circle. And then if you were letting it sit with a little bit of coffee in it, you could put it on this on a lower temperature so you don?t scorch your coffee that?s sitting there. But if you want to brew, you are going to make sure that?s on your hot.

Then you?re just going to turn that on there. That turns it on.

Now, once it?s brewing, it does have an automatic pause and serve on this model. So there’s a little kind of switch here that it knows if you pull your carafe out it will stop brewing. So you can pull it out to pour yourself a cup if it?s first thing in the morning and you really want that coffee.

The other thing that this model does have is an auto shutoff. So after two hours, it?s going to shut off. Of course you should shut it off if you are done with it, just as kind of a matter of course, but after two hours it will shut that warming plate off so that you don?t cause any fires or cause any other problems.