Set of 4 Wine Twirls® Wine Chillers

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Keep your Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and other white wine chilled with this Set of 4 Wine Twirls® from Teroforma. These disc shaped, food safe, and BPA-free plastic wine chillers are filled with a thermal gel that freezes fast. When you're ready for a drink, just set the Wine Twirls® in the bottom of your glass. Not only will they chill your white wine perfectly, they'll add a sophisticated decorative element to your wine glass. Before first use, hand wash the wine chillers, then wash after each use, dry thoroughly, and freeze.

Features of the Teroforma Set of 4 Wine Twirls® Wine Chillers include:
  • Food safe, BPA-free plastic discs cool white wine without imparting flavors or odors
  • Filled with a high-tech, fast-freezing thermal gel
  • Just place a disc in your glass and it will keep your wine chilled for a full 45 minutes without diluting your wine
  • Hand wash before first use and thereafter following each use, and then freeze

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