ThawTHAT Defroster

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Forgot to defrost the steaks for dinner? No worries. The ThawTHAT Defroster turbo boosts defrosting with its unique heat exchange design. The elegant platform has a biodegradable thermal liquid, sealed inside heat pipes. They provide an ultra-fast heat exchange that results in quick and safe thawing of frozen food. The tray is ideal for defrosting frozen fish, pork, chicken and steak in about half the time…eliminating worry about bacteria build up while preserving all the nutrients and freshness. The concave surface redirects liquid to built-in unibody drip channel. No heating, no batteries and no electricity required! Thaws food quickly and naturally! It really is a miracle defrosting tray. Hand wash after each use.

Features of the ThawTHAT Defroster include:

  • Clean, modern design
  • Highly thermal conductive food grade aluminum body
  • Smart heat exchange technology requires no electricity
  • Integrated drip tray
  • No heating, soaking or batteries required
  • Hand wash
  • 14.4" l x 9.8" w x 2" h

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