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Thug Kitchen Party Grub Guide

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Who knew vegan based cooking could be so aggressive? Or so delicious? Or so funny!? The Thug Kitchen crew are back with their newest cookbook, Thug Kitchen Party Grub Guide. With 5 chapters and more than 100, all-new recipes for healthy vegan meals, sides, snacks, and cocktails, TK2 includes a ton of delicious, real food options that will make your party a hit. Chapters include (edited for content!) Breakfasts and Brunches; Small Bites, Dips and Stuff to Throw in Bowls; Salads, Sauces and Sides; Potluck Staples and Main Dishes; Desserts, Drinks and Sides of Sweetness. The recipes are solid, the instruction is straight-forward, and everything is peppered with all the colorful language needed to drive the healthy message home! 256 pages are packed with great photography of the dishes and assorted scenes of Thug Kitchen life. Some of the great selections include Cinnamon Apricot French Toast, Lazy Morning Frittata, Everyday Guacamole, Pad Thai Rolls, Shaved Asparagus Pizza, Black Bean and Pumpkin Mexican Lasagna, Red Sangria with Winter Fruit, and Chocolate Coconut Pie. Thug Kitchen also includes a variety of sample menus, cooking basics and party tips throughout. A fun, informative and educational read geared towards the alternative vegan entertaining crowd! Thug Kitchen Party Grub Guide By Thug Kitchen. Published by Rodale Books. Hardcover. 256 pages.