VinoVinti Carbonic Acid Extractor

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Perfect for every oenophile, the VinoVinti Carbonic Acid Extractor will make your favorite wines even more enjoyable. By removing carbonic acid, which taints the taste of red and white wines, the VinoVinti creates a smoother, tastier finished product. The VinoVinti?s patented technology makes the process quick and simple, so you can sip a smoother glass of Shiraz in just seconds. Simply attach the VinoVinti Carbonic Acid Extractor?s rod and holder, insert into the stopper, and place in the bottle. Then, use the vacuum pump for about 15 seconds, or until the bubbles disappear. Press the button to release the stopper pressure, remove the rod from the bottle, serve, and taste the difference that removing carbonic acid makes. Now you can control the flavor and quality of your wines, so don?t settle for irritating acids and sour notes! Enhance your wine-drinking experience today with the VinoVinti Carbonic Acid Extractor.

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