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Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit

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Harness the unparalleled fusion of wood smoke and spirits with the Smoked Cocktail Set by Viski. The Smoked Cocktail Set is designed specifically for cocktails, so you can achieve ideal smoke infusion without wasting smoke. This kit allows you to create the perfect environment for imparting smoke flavor with the least amount of effort or fuss. Viski's "smoke rinse" method is simple and straight-forward, requiring no mechanical parts and taking up less room on your bar than alternative smoke systems. It's simply a better, more reliable infusion system that produces a better end result. No blowing smoke. An ideal kit for home and professional mixologists, and a really original gift idea.

Features of the Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit include:

  • A brilliantly simple system for creating smoked cocktails
  • 1 Glass smoking stand
  • 1 Glass infuser carafe
  • 1 silicone stopper
  • 20 smoking pellets
  • Simple instructions for use