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The "Axe to Grind" Multitool from Wild and Wolf is a compact and functional camper's friend that packs 10 tools into a small, 8" frame. The kindling axe head, handle and tool blades are hardened steel, with a riveted beechwood handle. The back-end of the axe is shaped to a mini mallet head, while a penknife, two saws (with file), knife, two bottle openers, can opener, flat head and cross head screwdrivers fold out from the handle. A great and unique gift for outdoorsman or anyone who needs to make campfires.

Features of the Wild and Wolf Axe Mulitool include:

  • All-steel construction with natural beechwood handle
  • 10-in-1 muti-tool built into an 8" kindling axe
  • Penknife, 2 saw blades, knife, 2 bottle openers, mini mallet, can opener, flat head and cross head screwdrivers and file
  • Unique, durable and functional multi-tool for the outdoorsman
  • 7.1" l x 1" w x 8.3" h

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