Wusthof Aeon 7" Hollow Ground Santoku

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The WÜSTHOF Aeon series is a very limited production line (only 1500 are being made) that you simply have to see to believe. The Aeon 7" Hollow Ground Santoku pairs materials both thousands of years old (yes, thousands) with the latest, most highly advanced DLC (Diamond-like-Carbon) technology, developed by space travel and Formula 1 racing engineers.

The handle is crafted from millennia-old bog oak (3,249 years old, to be exact), this ancient wood is dense, hard, and sustainable while also boasting a subtle and stunning, one-of-a-kind pattern. The oak originally grew and fell in Scandinavia and it truly tells a story as old as time, while still delivering a balanced full bolster and finger guard to ensure safety, control, and smooth movement. And you don't have to take our word for it- each numbered unit comes with its own certificate of authenticity, and is verified by 2 independent international carbon dating labs.

Wusthof's excellent X50 CrMoV 15 blade has the standard 58° Rockwell hardness, but when coated with this non-reflective DLC technology, the blade surface strength almost doubles to 104° Rockwell, adding both unparalleled strength and beauty. The dramatically increased surface hardness adds protection from scratches, corrosion, and high temperatures without making the blade brittle. The surface becomes so hard, smooth and slick that it exhibits the "lotus effect", where water quickly rolls off and away from the material.  And that deep matte black sheen looks amazing.

Old as earth. Beautiful as heaven. Sharp as hell. From Wusthof comes the stunning and exclusive limited-edition AEON collection, a series that has forged a connection between ancient history and the modern-day. Manufactured entirely in Solingen, Germany, the AEON is a tool to be cherished. AEON - made for eternity.


Features of the Wusthof Aeon 7" Hollow Ground Santoku include:

  • Very limited production- only 1500 will be produced
  • Handle is made from ancient bog oak, very dense, very hard and certified authentic
  • Dark brown to black wood has a very tight grain with subtle, one of a kind pattern
  • X50 CrMoV 15 blade with 58° Rockwell hardness, laser cut 14° dual bevel edge
  • Full bolster and tang for exceptional balance and strength
  • Advanced Diamond-like-Carbon coating technology increases surface hardness to 104° Rockwell without making the blade brittle
  • Unparalled scratch and corrosion resistance
  • Each Aeon knife includes a microfiber cleaning cloth and certificate with unique serial number
  • Manufactured entirely in Solingen, Germany

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