Wusthof Classic 20 Piece Knife Block Set

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This Premier Knife Block Set Is Perfect For Any Serious Home Chef!

Wusthof's newest state of the art PeTech technology incorporates a computer controlled method of putting the edge on their Trident Classic knives. This technology allows for an exacting edge from the tip of the blade all the way down to the heel. The knives are sharpened to 14 degrees per side for a total angle of 28 degrees, making a Wusthof Classic Knife sharper. Not only does this new angle and PeTech technology make a Wusthof Classic Knife 30% sharper, it enables it to stay sharper twice as long.

Pick up a Wusthof Classic Knife and you can feel the difference. This impressive 20-piece Wusthof Classic Premiere Block Set features almost every knife you can think of including six forged steak knives.

Wusthof Classic Premier 20-Piece Set Includes:
  • 6 Forged Steak knives
  • 3.5-inch Paring Knife
  • 4.5-inch Utility Knife
  • 5-inch Sandwich Knife
  • Cleaver Knife
  • Straight Meat Fork
  • 7-inch Santoku Knife
  • 8-inch Carving Knife
  • 8-inch Cook's / Chef's Knife
  • 8-inch Bread Knife
  • Sharpening Steel
  • Come-Apart Kitchen Shears
  • 25-slot Hardwood Storage Block

Features of Wusthof Classic Knives are:
  • The steel of the knives are high carbon/stain resistant alloy for edge retention and resharpening
  • The blade is precisely tapered from bolster to tip and from back to edge
  • The edge of the blade is skillfully honed by hand and is incredibly sharp; it is laser tested to perfection, long-lasting and easily resharpened
  • The bolster/finger guard is Wusthof's "signature" feature; it accounts for the heft, or solid balanced feel that one gets from the knife
  • The handle/tang assembly is seamless and totally hygienic; the handles are durable Hostaform-C handles, triple riveted to the fully visible tang of the Classic series

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