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Zoku Fish Slow Pop Maker

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Create something unique this summer for your kids or a family party with the Zoku Fish Slow Pop Maker. These BPA and phthalate-free silicone molds make it easy to enjoy tasty pops right away, without any need to run under warm water. Contains 6 colorful and interchangeable pop molds that feature such aquatic creatures as: an octopus, whale, blowfish, shark, clownfish, and a Zoku scuba diver. All molds come complete with reusable sticks containing drip-guards to reduce sticky messes. Kids can even mix and match each creature?s mold and stick to create their very own frosty creation; you can watch them make a scuba diver with a whale?s tail! Each pop has a skeleton that is revealed once it is finished being enjoyed by your little one, so these pops are fun even when they are done! The Zoku Fish Slow Pop Makers are also great for making your own lollipops,just add melted chocolate or a favorite candy instead. Easily washes clean by hand with warm soapy water.

Features of the Zoku Fish Slow Pop Maker include:
  • 6 slow pop molds in the shapes of a variety of marine life creatures
  • 6 sticks that feature fun creature skeletons & drip guards
  • Interchangeable molds and sticks for making unique frozen pop creations
  • Produces lollipops with just a simple addition of candy or chocolate
  • Pops remove from molds easily without the need to run under warm water
  • BPA and phthalate-free construction
  • Hand wash only
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