Zyliss EasiCan Electronic Can Opener

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This Zyliss EasiCan Electronic Can Opener makes can opening as easy as pushing a button. Designed to easily open cans of any size, this unique electronic can opener is a must-have for those with limited dexterity or arthritis. To use the EasiCan, simply position the EasiCan on top of the can you wish to open and push the button once to start. The can opener will move its way around the can as it opens it, making can opening a hands-free process. Plus the lid won't have any sharp edges! Once the can is opened, push the button again to stop the EasiCan and pick it up from the can to remove the lid. A magnet beneath the opener grabs the lid for safe and quick disposal. Please note that the EasiCan opener requires 2 AA batteries to operate, which are not included. Measures 5.12" l x 2.76" w x 1.97" h.

See the Zyliss EasiCan Electronic Can Opener in action:

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