Zyliss Lock 'N Lift Can Opener

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The Lock 'N Lift Can Opener from Zyliss pops the lid on those pesky cans, no sweat! This opener locks onto cans and turns smoothly, opening tuna, canned veggies, and more without a hitch. And because it's magnetic, you don't have to touch the lid at all. Just lift the lid out with the opener and release it over the trash bin and you're done! The Zyliss Lock 'N Lift Can Opener's so comfy to use too. Thanks to the non-slip rubber grip, there's no stress or straining, just easy opening, can after can. Hand wipe clean. Do not submerge into water.

Features of the Zyliss Lock 'N Lift Can Opener include:
  • Easy-to-use opener with hands free functionality
  • Opener locks onto can to cut lid with minimal effort
  • Magnet lifts and releases lid for safe and simple disposal
  • Comfort grip, rubber non-slip handles for secure use
  • Hand wipe clean, do not submerge in water

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