Virginia Dare Pure Anise Oil Packed by Rosa

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This pure anise oil is the good stuff- produced by Virginia Dare- but since they've stopped packaging it for retail sale, it is now bottled locally by Philly's own Rosa Foods! So the label has changed, but the incredible flavor and aroma has not. Which is great, because we can't imagine using anything else for our pizzelles, cakes, Christmas cookies and other Italian specialties. Virginia Dare Anise Oil Packed by Rosa adds a pure and delicate licorice flavor that dry spice can't match. Or add a drop to your coffee for a rich, continental treat. Gluten free. 1 oz capacity bottle.

Features of the Virginia Dare Pure 1 oz Anise Oil Packed by Rosa include:
  • 1 oz capacity bottle of pure Anise oil
  • Adds licorice flavor to cakes, cookies, pizzelle, biscotti, and more
  • Dark amber glass bottle keeps light out preserving freshness and flavor
  • Gluten free

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