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Information on Bakeware Materials

Tinned Steel

Tinned steel is an excellent conductor of heat. It transfers heat slowly and evenly. A disadvantage is that tin can rust very easily and needs special care to prevent this from happening. After using, the pan must be dried thoroughly, or placed in a warm oven to be sure all the moisture has evaporated. A light coating of oil after washing will prevent rusting.

Black Steel

Black steel is an excellent conductor of heat and quickly distributes it uniformly throughout the pan. It browns food well and produces thicker crusts. To prevent rusting, black steel needs to be thoroughly dried and lightly oiled after washing.


Aluminum is very versatile and produces the most even baking results. It is lightweight, does not rust, and is quite durable.

Glass Bakeware

Glass bakeware has a tendency to get too hot and bake too quickly, which results in uneven baking. Glass does have a nicer appearance than some other materials used for baking, and is often purchased for oven- to- table use. Glass does not require any special care.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is durable, shiny, and easy to clean, because it can be soaked, scoured and even polished. However, it is a poor conductor of heat, and therefore, not recommended for baking.

Non-stick Bakeware

Non-stick bakeware has a non-stick coating applied, usually to steel or aluminum pans. It scratches easily, and must be handled carefully to prevent this. Non-stick cleans easily, and the surface will not react with foods. Some experienced bakers find that it heats up too quickly causing the food to dry out. Non-stick surfaces being dark will absorb heat and conduct it more quickly than light or shiny metal pans. You may need to adjust baking times and temperatures accordingly.

Insulated Bakeware

Insulated bakeware is made from two sheets of aluminum, separated by a layer of air. This construction protects the bottoms of baked goods from direct intense heat and results in even browning with no burning. Insulated bakeware is particularly useful for cookie sheets and cake pans.

Kaiser La Forme

Kaiser La Forme is a line that offers some additional benefits that other lines do not. Made of heavy gauge steel as its base metal, it conducts heat very evenly. The gauge of the steel is much heavier than any other bakeware we carry. Heavy steel eliminates warping. La Forme pieces also require a reduction of the baking time by 10%. Although La Forme has a unique non-stick coating, it is recommended that a very thin layer of butter be brushed onto the interior surface of the pan prior to use. Another benefit is that some pieces are coated with Magnum, which is a hard enamel- like coating, which is able to withstand cutting, without damaging the surface.

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