CDN Combination Probe Thermometer, Timer & Clock

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    The best way to monitor the temperature of your roast without compromising the temperature of your oven is by using the CDN Combo Probe Thermometer, Timer & Clock. Each time you open your oven door, cold air rushes in. Your oven must then reheat itself in order to keep the air at a constant temperature inside. This causes fluctuations in cooking times and even results.
      To eliminate the need to open your oven door, simply insert the probe into your meat and attach the cable to the thermometer mechanism. Keep the mechanism on your counter or oven door and close the door on the cable. Now you can watch as the temperature rises, always knowing just how well it's doing. The large digital display will show both the actual temperature and the set temperature, and can alert you when the set temperature has been reached. The thermometer has a temperature range of 14 to 392°F , with +/- 2°; accuracy. The stainless steel probe is 5.5" long and the sensor cable is 3' long.
      You can also use the thermometer as a candy or deep fry thermometer, or even as an oven thermometer. Use the stainless steel clip to attach the probe to the inside of your pan without touching the sides or bottom to measure the temperature of your candy, chocolate or oil. Place the probe inside your oven and find out just how accurate your thermostat is.
      The CDN Combo Probe Thermometer, Timer & Clock will also act as a timer, allowing you to monitor cooking times with great accuracy. The timer will count up or down between 1 minute and 24 hours. The timer will alert you when zero is reached if counting down. A last count recall feature is included for repetitive timing.
    Other features of the combo probe thermometer include upper & lower limits when measuring temperature, a dual progress display, clock, stop and restart function, sliding mode switch, and temperature guide. The thermometer can mount by standing it on the counter or using its magnet and attaching it to the front of your stove or on your refrigerator. Requires a 1.5V AAA IEC LR03 Alkaline battery.

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