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Chemex Pre-Folded Filter-100 pack

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Please note that coffee filters and other food-related products are non-returnable. Please be certain that this product is compatible with your brewer before ordering. If you would like assistance in selecting the right filter for your coffee maker, please use chat or call us at 1-800-455-5567.

The keystone of the Chemex method is the fractional extraction of only the desirable parts of the coffee bean. Fractional extraction at 200° F leaves the coffee fats and bitter elements in the coffee grounds, not in your cup.

Chemex filters make this possible. They are 20-30% heavier than other filters - and filter out all sediment. They have been specifically designed to give balanced performance when used with the Chemex coffeemaker. The Chemex filter combines a very fine grain, required for holding back the coffee mud, with the right filtration speed (not too slow, not too fast) that promotes proper infusion. This produces the full-bodied, flavorful coffee that is never bitter and has made Chemex the favorite of coffee connoisseurs for more than sixty years. The filter is guaranteed not to burst under the weight of the liquid during the filtration, and not to break whe n lifting out the grounds.

Features of the Chemex Pre-folded Filter include:

  • Specifically designed for the Chemex pour-over method
  • Heavy-weight paper traps out all sediments and fats
  • Fine weave regulates filtration speed for proper extraction
  • Produces clean, balanced, full-flavored coffee
  • Will not burst, nor break in use or disposal
  • 100 natural filters are pre-folded for convenience
  • Exceptional for filtering all water-based infusions