Cucina Siciliana

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If you have never been to Sicily, you will certainly want to visit after cooking the recipes featured in Cucina Siciliana. Sicily is a beguiling place and its prominent position has led to repeated conquests over the centuries, which has left an extraordinary cultural legacy and a reputation as the melting pot of the Mediterranean. Discover the unique fusion of flavors that Sicilian food has to offer and bring some Mediterranean sunshine into your own kitchen. Create a feast with recipes for antipasti, soups and delicious meat and fish like Sarde a Beccaficco (Stuffed Sardines), Abbacchio alla Cacciatovia (pan-fried Spring lamb with herb and anchovy sauce) and finish off with Sicily's famous dessert, Cassata. Cucina Siciliana by Ursula Ferrigno. Published by Simon & Schuster. Hardcover. 160 pages.

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