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Euroscrubby Cleaning Cloth

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The Original EuroScrubby may be the world's best multi-purpose scrubby! The
EuroScrubby surface is abrasive enough to be very effective on tough jobs like
cookware and cooktops, but it's safe to use on most surfaces without scratching.
You can even use it to scrub veggies! The 5" x 6" scrubbing cloth is
environmentally friendly, dishwasher and washing machine safe and ideal for use in
the kitchen and bathroom. Includes 1 Original EuroScrubby cleaning cloth.

Features of the EuroScrubby include:

  • Multi-purpose scrubby that's safe for all surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Dishwasher and washing machine safe
  • Effective on pots and pans, cooktops and counters
  • Makes a great vegetable scrubber too
  • Approximately 5" x 6"