Lodge Logic Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Press

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With 100% pure vegetable oil, an electrostatic spray system, and high temperature gas ovens, Lodge Logic Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware is blackened to a finish that would make your mother proud. No hassle, no magic, no work - just a finish that you can use right out of the box.

Whether for your skillet on the stove or the grill outdoors, this grill press is handy for eliminating curl from your bacon or ham, pressing out unwanted fats in your burgers or sausage, and holding heat in your grilled sandwiches. The heavy-duty cast iron base has a hammered finish. The handle features a cool grip spiral design. Bacon press measures 6 3/4" x 4 1/2".

Features of Lodge Logic Seasoned Cast Iron include:
  • Tightly controlled metal chemistry and exacting mold tolerances deliver consistent product for even heating and superior cooking performance.
  • Natural sand mold surface is ideal for their new seasoned, ready to use finish.
  • Lodge Logic is electrostatically coated with a proprietary vegetable oil and cured at high temperatures to allow the oil to deeply penetrate the surface of the cast iron.

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