Baker's Joy Non-Stick Spray 5 oz.

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The Baker's Joy Non Stick Spray keeps your cakes from sticking to specialty baking pans and molds so you always get beautifully shaped cakes with perfect detail. The baking spray contains a unique blend of vegetable oil and flour that when sprayed on Bundt and other cake pans completely coats the surface for easy release every time and fast and convenient clean up. 5 oz capacity can.

Features of the Baker's Joy Non Stick Spray include:
  • 5 oz can of nonstick baking spray
  • Helps cakes easily release from pans
  • Flour-based formula enhances cakes details in specialty Bundt pans
  • Coats the pan for even browning and quick and easy clean up
  • Spray on roasted meats for perfect browning

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