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The OXO Ice Cube Tray is the latest example of how OXO can improve any design, no matter how simple and established it may be. And make no mistake, this Ice Cube Tray is better. The slide on lid is an obvious feature that allows you to stack multiple trays, but also just for protecting the ice from freezer odors and random things from dropping in or coming incontact with the ice. It also slides back in a way that allows you to crack and dump only a portion of the tray at a time. And when you do need to release the whole tray at once, it does so quickly and without a fight- everytime. Thanks to the rounded cube sections, you can even pop out a single cube at a time. Both the tray and lid materials are excellent; durably constructed from BPA-free plastic with just the right amount of flex, plus it's dishwasher safe. Measures 12.2" l x 5.6" w x 1.75" h.

Features of the OXO Ice Cube Tray include:

  • Improved design releases ice cubes easier
  • Sliding lid allows stacking while protecting ice from freezer odors
  • Easily crack and dump the whole tray at once, or push out one at a time
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • 12.2" l x 5.6" w x 1.75" h

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