Lemon Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner & Deodorizer

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Each Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deoderizer contains lemon scented liquid safely encased by a patented hardening process. Plinks break open to deoderize the disposal and dissolve fatty deposits which cultivate unpleasant odors. It freshens your whole kitchen, too.

Plink was invented by a plumber to work in seconds. Plink is biodegradable and cannot harm pipes or your disposal.

Directions for use:
  1. Run disposal to clear it of any scraps.
  2. Turn hot water on; run it in a slow stream.
  3. Run disposal, drop in one Plink and spin for 15 seconds.
  4. Turn off disposal and water.
  5. Use disposal for normal use as needed.

Revive lemon sent as desired by running disposal and bursts of hot water. For best results, Plink your sink at least twice each week.

Contains 10 treatments.

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