Stonewall Kitchen Wild Flower Honey

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Stonewall Kitchen Wild Flower Honey is a blend of pure nectars gathered from wild flowers and other flowering trees and shrubs. The resulting honey is delectably sweet and delicately flavored with floral notes. This is a fantastic sweetener for hot or iced tea, pancakes, biscuits, waffles and other baked goods. This 16 oz squeeze bottle is a product of the USA and Argentina, and is Dept. of Agriculture approved US Grade A Honey.

Features of Stonewall Kitchen Wild Flower Honey include:

  • Blend of pure nectar from a variety of flowering trees and shrubs and wild flowers
  • Delectably sweet, medium-flavored honey with floral notes
  • Ideal for tea, pancakes, biscuits and more
  • Product of USA and Argentina
  • US Grade A Honey
  • Non-gluten
  • 16 oz squeeze bottle

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