Assorted Silicone Scrubber

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Kuhn Rikon's Silicone Scrubber gently and safely scrubs tableware, cookware and kitchen surfaces as well as a cloth or sponge, but with easier maintenance, a longer-lasting design, and no smelly sponge odors! The Silicone Scrubber has over 5,000 bristles that are very effective at distributing soapy water and rubbing grease and food debris from kitchenware. The premium, heat-safe silicone resists temperatures up to 445° F, is completely safe on non-stick surfaces, plus it's BPA-free and washes easily in the dishwasher. The scrubber is also non-porous to resist bacteria and the smelly odors it creates. Update your sink and make cleaning easier with the colorful, long lasting Silicone Scrubber.


Features of the Assorted Silicone Scrubber include:
  • 1 Non-porous, food-safe silicone scrubber in assorted colors
  • 5,000 bristles gently scrub tableware and cookware
  • Heat resistant up to 445° F
  • Antibacterial silicone will not develop smelly odors like a sponge
  • Safe on non-stick cookware and all other kitchen surfaces
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be used dry to remove lint and hair from clothing, furniture or car upholstery
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • Handy corner hanging loop
  • Flexible, colorful and fun

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