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  • The Turkey Dinner Checklist You'll Be Thankful For.
    October 5, 2022 Frankie F.

    The Turkey Dinner Checklist You'll Be Thankful For.

    Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, but it can easily turn stressful, especially if you're preparing the whole turkey dinner and all the trimmings.

    With a little know-how, a bit of planning and do-ahead prep, along with the proper kitchen equipment you can avoid common Thanksgiving dinner pitfalls.

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  • For Pie Lover's Only!
    November 1, 2020 Frankie F.

    For Pie Lover's Only!

    I come from a family of unabashed pie lovers. A homemade pie was always preferred to cake for birthdays and such, and we never missed a strawberry-rhubarb, cherry, blueberry, or peach pie season. When the snap of fall came calling, Mom’s apple pie took center stage and was truly other-worldly, but so was she.
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  • It's time you learn a new cooking technique, Sous Vide.
    September 30, 2020 Frankie F.

    It's time you learn a new cooking technique, Sous Vide.

    Don't let the strange name fool you. Sous Vide (pronounced sue-veed) translates as "under vacuum" in French. The beauty (and secret) of sous vide cooking is that you cook your food sealed in a heat proof bag or pouch that is then submersed in hot water and kept at the desired temperature. It 's a great method of cooking that you shouldn't overlook or be intimidated by, especially with the new sous vide cooking appliances available now.
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  • All About Steak
    June 17, 2020 Frankie F.

    All About Steak

    As promised, though it seems like a lifetime ago, here’s my post about some tasty cuts of steak and an online butcher worth a try.

    I started working on this post in back in early March with the intention of posting it early to give folks plenty of time to order their steaks for Father's Day. Well, a pernicious little virus upended everything in a hurry.

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  • No-Bake Peanut Butter Zebra Bars
    May 6, 2020 Frankie F.

    No-Bake Peanut Butter Zebra Bars

    This easy dessert is a pantry favorite - peanut butter, chocolate chips, graham crackers and a little powdered sugar are all you need to make this fun and delicious treat. Add a few kids for a bit more fun!

    It's kind of like a Reese's cup, just in a bar format. We love the rich peanut butter filling topped with striped chocolate - and on top of all that it's NO-BAKE! So, whether you're baking with kids or just need a quick dessert for tonight that's sure to please, this recipe is a winner.

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  • Elegant Asparagus & Parmesan Puff Pastry Tart
    April 29, 2020 Frankie F.

    Elegant Asparagus & Parmesan Puff Pastry Tart

    This perfect veggie tart for Spring is easy, elegant and tasty. Using frozen puff pastry from the grocery store is THE way to get great pastries with very little effort. In this recipe we layered Dijon mustard, Parmesan & mozzarella cheeses and blanched asparagus on top of puff pastry dough and baked for 15 minutes to get a fantastically flaky, cheesy Spring tart perfect for Mother's Day or any get together.
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  • Savory Herb & Cheese Twist Bread
    April 24, 2020 Frankie F.

    Savory Herb & Cheese Twist Bread

    It’s no wonder why so many folks are turning to homemade bread as they spend more time at home. The process of making and baking is very satisfying. From working the dough to the one-of-a-kind smell that fills the house and, that first warm slice slathered with butter, homemade bread is the definition of comfort food.
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  • Tequila, Beyond Margarita(ville)
    April 24, 2020 Frankie F.

    Tequila, Beyond Margarita(ville)

    We're offering three tequila cocktails that go way beyond the standard Margarita. Don't get me wrong I love a good fresh-squeezed Margarita but tequila has a lot more to offer if you care to venture off the beaten bath. First up, a little about the different types of tequila. Enjoy these agave spirits mixed up or sipped straight up.
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  • For the Kids (and your sanity!) Tie-Dye Sprinkle Layer Cake
    April 22, 2020 Frankie F.

    For the Kids (and your sanity!) Tie-Dye Sprinkle Layer Cake

    This festive, fun and colorful layer cake is sure to brighten the mood. And, it's a great afternoon activity. Some of you can make the cake while others make the DIY cake toppers. The toppers only take about 10 minutes with stuff you have on hand. Fun for one or the whole gang!

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  • Charleston-Inspired Shrimp & Grits
    April 20, 2020 Frankie F.

    Charleston-Inspired Creamy Shrimp & Grits

    Go ahead, surprise mom this Mother's Day with a virtual trip to Charleston, South Carolina with this creamy, cheesy and soul-satisfying Shrimp and Grits recipe.

    A dish that is equal parts comforting, filling, flavorful and fresh. This is one of those dishes that somehow feels nostalgic, even if you didn't grow up in the south.

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  • Virtual Cocktail Hour (Yea, it's a thing)
    April 14, 2020 Frankie F.

    Virtual Cocktail Hour (Yea, it's a thing)

    It can be difficult to feel connected while isolating at home. The professionals tell us that, in times of great stress and uncertainty, keeping as many of our routines as possible can help elevate negative feelings and raise our spirits....

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