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The Cookware Cookbook

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The Cookware Cookbook

Great Recipes for Broiling, Steaming, Boiling, Poaching, Braising, Deglazing, Frying, Simmering, and Sautéing

By Jamée Ruth

Photographs by Leigh Beisch

"Jamée Ruth knows her pots and pans. And in this user-friendly cookbook full of useful information and delicious recipes, she demystifies the various shapes, sizes, materials, and uses for stovetop cookware. Perfect for newlyweds, high school and college grads, and for anyone who took shop class instead of home ec, The Cookware Cookbook gives all the tips, techniques, and recipes needed to get cooking with that new sauce pan or skillet.

"Descriptions include uses for typical add-on pans like a fish poacher or a pasta pentola, plus 60 recipes specifically developed to teach readers the most efficient?and exciting?ways to use the wide variety of pots and pans available to today's home cooks. Whether flipping flapjacks on a cast-iron griddle or slow-cooking a succulent leg of lamb in a braising pan, preparing meals is easy when armed with the right pan for the right job.

"Jamée Ruth has worked as a television food stylist and as a personal chef to numerous entertainment celebrities. A highly regarded expert on culinary equipment, she has made frequent guest appearances on television and radio programs. Based in California, she is the author of Mix It Up! and The Grill Pan Cookbook.
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