Riedel 4X Red Wine Glasses

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X stands for Extreme. Riedel's 4X Red Wine Glass Set pushes the limits with a massive (25 oz.!) diamond-shaped bowl that can capture all the aromas of big, fruit-forward red wines. They are the perfect statement piece for enjoying big California Cabernets, Merlots and Zins, ripe Australian Shiraz and Argentina's fullest Malbecs. The Set of 4 glasses are precisely machine made of premium lead-free crystal glass. Like all Riedel glassware the bowls are thin, have excellent clarity and "cut" rims that allow wines to pour cleanly to your palette. The Riedel 4X Red Wine Glasses are dishwasher safe and help maximize your enjoyment of red wines every day.

Features of the Riedel 4X Red Wine Glasses include:

  • 4 lead-free crystal glasses
  • Huge 25 oz. bowl with "diamond" contours
  • Made espressly to capture the aromas of big New World reds
  • Machine blown
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Each measures 10" h

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