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Le Creuset

Le Creuset cookware company was founded in France in 1925. With attention to quality and design, Le Creuset has become the world's leading manufacturer of enameled cast iron cookware. Professional chefs have chosen Le Creuset time after time for its beauty as well as its exceptional performance. Le Creuset cookware is produced by French artisans who hand-cast molten iron into sand molds. After hand polishing, sanding, and inspection for imperfections, the cast iron French cookware is sprayed with two coats of enamel and fired at 1500&degF after each coating. The enamel becomes embodied into the cast iron making it resistant to damage during normal use.Le Creuset cast iron cookware features extraordinary heat-retention. Once hot, only low heat is necessary for good cooking performance. This heat-retention, paired with the beauty of Le Creuset, makes the French cookware perfect for tabletop serving. The enamel coating of Le Creuset cookware will prevent the cast iron from reacting to various foods so cooking and storage is safe. It also makes for quick and easy clean-up.
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