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WÜSTHOF Warranty, Return and Replacement Policy

For all warranty inquiries, please contact Wusthof directly at 1-800-289-9878 for assistance.

Since you find yourself with the need to review these policies and procedures, we’d like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience our product(s) may have caused you. WÜSTHOF products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with our products and we take pride in our long-standing reputation for standing behind them 100%. We are more than happy to repair or replace any WÜSTHOF product that does not meet our particularly high quality standards. WÜSTHOF items that you feel may be defective must ultimately be returned to us for inspection. Before you take that step though, please review this document thoroughly. We have done our best here to answer those “Frequently asked questions” as they pertain to our warranty policy. There are a few circumstances where possible misuse of our products would void the warranty.
“My knives have…”

Bent Tips/Broken Tips: Knives that have been dropped, especially the larger, heavier sizes and hit the floor “tip first” may bend or even snap in two. In rare instances there may be a weak spot in the steel towards the tip of the knife. A clean break at that spot would be an indication of that weak spot in the steel. Snapped-off tips and/or blades with evidence of bending at the “break point” would be a sign that undue force had been placed on the blade. If it is possible, repairing this type of damage would require the services of an experienced knife grinding/sharpening service (a service which we at Wusthof do not perform). If you call, FAX or E-Mail us, we will do our best to direct you to a reputable service in your area. 

Broken and/or chipped blades or edges: If your knifes edge shows signs of bending or cracking at the break/chip point, again, as noted above, we must assume that a undue stress was placed upon that knife and that any damage that occurred was not related to a defect in materials or craftsmanship. 

Melted handles: We use a high impact polypropylene compound for all of our knife handles. Direct exposure to open flame, high oven temperatures or the heating coils of your dishwasher can melt this material. Once damaged, these handles cannot be replaced since they are permanently attached at our factory in a separate manufacturing process. We are happy to offer you brand new replacements of the damaged item(s) at 50% off the current suggested retail price. Contact our Customer Service Department at 800-289-9878 for details. Please try to have the item number of the product (etched on each blade) available when you make contact.

Deteriorating wooden handles (old knives): WÜSTHOF stopped manufacturing knives with laminated and/or solid wood handles more than 30 years ago. If you do happen to own one of these older knives, given their age, the unavoidable exposure to moisture and even the occasional trip through the dishwasher, these handles are susceptible to break-down. We cannot repair or replace these wooden handles. We will however, offer the same 50% discount off of our current suggested retail prices on brand-new, matching items from our current inventory (now with poly handles). Please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-289-9878 for specific details. 

Edge and/or general damage created by manual or electric sharpening devices and/or a third-party sharpening service. Wusthof cannot be held responsible for irreparable edge and/or general damage caused by a third party. The problem should be addressed with the provider of the sharpening/repair service. Please be cautious when using any of the electric sharpeners designed for home use and please follow their precautionary instructions carefully. Wusthof preaches moderation with the use of any sharpening device, manual or electric. 

“Dull” knives and/or knives claimed to be “unsharpenable”: Regular and proper use of a honing steel (or similar device) and periodic professional sharpenings are essential steps in long-term edge maintenance. We can assure you that a WÜSTHOF knife whose edge has not been maintained on a regular basis (honing) will eventually become dull and unusable. Once the edge has reached this point, only the services of a qualified sharpening professional (using the proper equipment) will restore the “factory edge.” Afterward, the regular use of the honing steel will once again become effective. Contact our Customer Service Department at 800-289-9878 and we will do our best to direct you to a reputable sharpening service in your area.

Sharpening steel is “worn out”: A sharpening (honing) steel is essentially a file that keeps the microscopic “teeth” of the knife’s cutting edge in the proper 20-degree alignment. The shaft of the honing steel has ridges that run its entire length. With regular use, these ridges will eventually wear down. Therefore, your honing steel does in fact have a lifetime. It should be replaced when the shaft has become smooth and shiny. Since the shaft of the honing steel is magnetized, you will increase its effective life by wiping it down after each use and keeping the ridges free of the microscopic “shavings” that cling to it. 

For all warranty inquiries, please contact Wusthof directly at 1-800-289-9878 for assistance.