1 Lb Three Brothers Mocha Java Coffee Beans

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The perfect blend, this was the first coffee blend ever created. Mocha Java is a blend of Ethiopian and Java coffees. This roast is medium bodied, aromatic, smooth and rich. Despite its name, Mocha Java is a regular coffee with no chocolate flavor.

This package of Three Brothers Mocha Java Coffee Beans contains 1 pound of whole coffee beans.

Our coffee is freshly roasted by the East Indies Coffee & Tea Company, a small, local roaster. East Indies imports only the finest Arabica beans from around the world. We order our coffee in small batches to ensure that we only have the freshest beans on hand.

We are happy to grind your coffee for no extra charge. Please indicate the type of grind you would like by selecting it from the menu below.

Available grinds are:

  • Percolator, or coarse grind
  • French Press, or medium-coarse grind
  • Automatic Drip, or medium grind
  • Drip, or fine grind
  • Espresso, or extra fine grind

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