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Bar Keepers Friend® has been our go-to, clean anything solution for as long as we can remember. It's great for stainless steel, anodized aluminum and enameled cookware. The Cleanser formula uses the power of oxalic acid (derived naturally from plants like rhubarb) to release stains at a molecular level and gently scrub away debris. This powder formula is effective, inexpensive, and can be used with different ratios of water to suit the surface. Use it for most any cookware (do not use on nonstick surfaces), glass, porcelain and ceramic tableware, grout and tile, sinks, stove cooktops and exteriors, non-stone countertops and so much more! 12-oz can.

Features of Bar Keepers Friend® include:

  • Incredibly versatile plant-based oxalic acid cleaner
  • Very effective cleaner for cookware, surfaces, around the kitchen and bathroom
  • Works at the molecular level, as well as a mild abbrassive
  • Great for removing stains on all types of cookware
  • 12 oz can

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