Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters

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The Fee Brothers reintroduce a long lost favorite from the golden age of cocktails with their West Indian Orange Bitters. Made principally from West Indie orange rinds, spices and other citrus, this will add an arromatic dash of fruit that is excellent in many whiskey and rum cocktails, daquiries, old-fashioneds, and tequila. Orange bitters also add a fruity and zesty edge to chicken, duck and pork marinades. The Fee Brothers of Rochester N.Y. have been producing bitters varieties since 1864 and are the perfect choice for classic craft cocktails. 5 oz. bottle.

Features of Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters include:

  • Classic cocktail flavoring
  • 5 oz. glass bottle
  • Used in drinks such as the Manhattan, Singapore Sling and Rob Roy
  • Made from West Indies orange rind and other premium spices and citrus
  • Made by Fee Brothers of Rochester, New York

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