OXO POP Rectangle Container

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For airtight dry food storage, you can't beat the quality and smart design of OXO POP Rectangle Containers. OXO POP Rectangle Containers come in several sizes, and all feature a push-button top that creates an airtight seal when pushed. The button can also be used as a handle when taking off the lid.

OXO POP containers are designed for modular stacking, making them an efficient, space-saving way to store dry goods neatly in your cabinet, pantry or on your counter. The corners of the containers allow for easy pouring, and the lid comes completely apart for easy cleaning. The containers can also be used as a storage solution in the garage, at the office, on the workbench, and hundreds of other places. All OXO POP Containers are BPA free.

Features of the OXO POP Rectangle Container include:

  • Dry storage containers
  • Push button lids create air tight seal every time
  • Variety of sizes for any need
  • Stackable and space saving
  • Designed for easy pouring
  • Clear construction
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA free

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