Robin Reed 6 Piece Racing Penguin Christmas Crackers

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Get set for silliness with these Racing Penguin Christmas Crackers from Robin Reed. This new addition to the Robin Reed racer family features a tall penguin motif adorned with glittery gold beaks and ribbons. Each opens with a "snap!" to release a collection of wind-up racing toys, the traditional corny joke and festive paper crown. This set of 6 crackers comes in a gift box that includes a racetrack so guests of all ages can wind them up, line them up and see who wins!

Features of the Robin Reed 6 Piece Racing Penguin Christmas Crackers include:

  • 6 hand-rolled paper Christmas crackers
  • Fun, tall Penguin design with glittery gold ribbons
  • Each cracker contains a wind-up racing penguin toy, party hat and joke
  • Box includes Penguin racetrack
  • Measures 13" l

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